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Want to start your on-demand multi service online ordering and delivery business similar to Carrefour clone? Get customized carrefour clone script with full source code to begin on-demand platform.

Looking to develop a multi service platform like carrefour clone?

Start your Multi service business like carrefour clone

Purbis offers a Carrefour clone application to instantly kick start your online ordering and delivery business. Our Carrefour clone script is suitable for any type and kind of business sector such as food, electronics accessories, stationery, smartphones, etc. Allowing you to run multi verticals of ordering and delivery business online. The Carrefour clone application lets you operate different store formats, as well as multiple online offerings to meet the needs of customers. Purbis offers a Carrefour clone script with a wide range of category and subcategory fields. We offer a readymade Carrefour clone application suitable for any business sector. Purbis has highly skilled designers and developers to deliver customized ordering and delivering systems. You get an all-in-one delivery solution connecting various vendors and millions of customers in one place. Make it easier for your customers to purchase and order everything in the right place. Purbis offers Carrefour clone script support on both the web and mobile platforms.


Back - end panel (Web)

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Vendor / Seller

Back - end panel (Web)

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Customer / Buyer

Front - end panel (Web & Mobile)

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Delivery staff

Mobile app

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Our Carrefour Clone Script Offers Intuitive Features And Functionalities


Return & exchange

Our Carrefour clone script, allows your customers to return the product and also can exchange the products. These features encourage customers to buy and exchange rather than only return product

Secured payment

Our Carrefour clone script provides a secured payment option for the customers to buy the products. Your customers can pay either cash on delivery or online payment or wallet payment. Contact us for a customized ordering and delivery system.


In our Carrefour clone script, customers can pay for the products via wallet. Your customer can transfer the amount to the wallet account and pay via wallet. Contact us for the customized carrefour clone application.

Product of the day

A quick product of the day can be set to increase the customer's purchase order request. The price of the particular product is reduced for that particular day to encourage customers to purchase.

Track shipping

Our Carrefour clone script, allows your customers to track the order status as to whether it's shipped or reached hub or out for delivery. This track is provided via the Carrefour clone application.


Your customers are provided with rewards points in the Carrefour clone. These points can be later converted into the amount. This feature attracts customers to gain more points and use those points for purchase.

Simple check out

Our Carrefour clone script has a simple and single check-out page. After adding to the cart your customers need to provide an address, contact details and choose the mode of payment to easily check out.

Multi languages

Multiple languages and currencies are supported by our Carrefour clone script. You may now expand your online buying and delivery business to a worldwide level and get more clients.

Sell with us

“Sell with us” is an option for a vendor to sell their products and sign up to the Carrefour clone application system. Anyone who wants to sell the products can sign up here and become a vendor in the Carrefour clone system.

Payment method

Multiple modes of payment are accepted in our Carrefour clone script. Customers can pay either cash on delivery (COD), online, net banking, wallet payment, etc. Our Carrefour clone script makes it easy for your customers to pay.


Gifts and coupon codes are provided in our Carrefour clone application. These features attract your customers to order online and with the use of coupon code, they can buy again. Increase the sales order.

Manage Commission

Admin can manage the commission parts from the Carrefour clone admin back end panel. On every customer order purchase, the admin earns a commission for the respective products in our Carrefour clone script.

How does our Carrefour clone script work?

Zomato clone

1. Find the nearest restaurant based on the location

2.Browse Menus, Add to cart, Checkout & Pay online or COD

3.Delivery staff get notified

4.Delivery staff arrives and pick up the order

5.Delivery staff delivers the order at your location

6.Customer can provide ratings & reviews

Want to make an on-demand food delivery app like Carrefour clone?

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Why choose our Carrefour clone for the online shopping platform?

Purbis offers an end-to-end solution for your online ordering and delivery system. We offer application features much similar to Carrefour UAE. We are ready to provide extra unique features to enhance your business requirement. Contact us for a readymade solution.

SEO friendly

Our Carrefour clone script offers SEO-friendly features such as user-friendly URL, meta tags, sharing, title, keywords, etc.

Mobile-friendly app

Attract your customers with a mobile-friendly app, Carrefour clone offers mobile-friendly apps and user-friendly classified applications.

Quick support

Purbis has highly skilled designers and developers providing support via call, mail, chat, etc, and maintenance after the delivery of the project.

Readymade solution

Purbis provides a ready-made solution to instantly kick-start a classified portal similar to Craigslist clone.

Customized solution

Looking for a customized solution? Do you have any new ideas for an online ordering and delivery portal? Contact us.


Our Carrefour clone application supports both RTL (Right to Left) and LTR (Left to Right) features. Contact us for a custom-made solution.

Some of our Carrefour clone app mobile app screens for your references

Admin features in Carrefour clone script

Robust dashboard

Admin is provided with a robust and user-friendly dashboard. Allowing admin to easily handle ordering and delivery processes online. Admin can easily monitor the complete process anytime from anywhere in our Carrefour clone.

Insight report

Our carrefour clone script allows admin to get complete insight reports on customer order sales, vendor product list, monthly payment, pending stocks, customers orders, etc. Get a customized report from the Carrefour clone.

Tax invoice

The tax-related details on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis can be tracked from the Carrefour clone script admin backend panel. We are ready to offer customized tax reports in our Carrefour clone application.

Manage category

Admin can easily manage the categories and subcategories from the Carrefour clone back end panel. Various categories can be added or can be removed at any time from our Carrefour clone application. Contact us for ordering and delivery software UAE.

Manage product

You can now easily manage products, product description, title, product price, product images, etc from the Carrefour clone admin back end panel. Carrefour clone application lets you effortlessly add new products and remove the existing ones.

Manage vendors

Admin can manage multiple vendors and vendor-related details from the Carrefour admin panel. The vendor’s products, vendor sales report, etc can be tracked in real-time from our Carrefour clone script.

Manage customers

Admin can send offer mail or messages on particular products to customers. The repeated and new customer lists are managed from the Carrefour clone application. Track customer list anytime from backend panel.

News & press release

The release of any new products or launches is updated here in the Carrefour clone. A quick press release can be done any time from the Carrefour clone application.

CMS settings

Our Carrefour clone back-end CMS allows you to manage all web page contents and online orders, to keep track of all website activity.

Vendor features in Carrefour clone script

  • Vendor panel

    The vendor of Carrefour clone script is provided with the vendor web back end panel. The vendor can log in via username and password. Each vendor can log in any time from anywhere to track the real-time update.

  • Analytics report

    Carrefour clone application offers complete analytics reports based on each vendor's product sales, product cost, etc on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Our Carrefour clone provides a clear report for better decision-making.

  • Manage payment

    Customers' payments are directly sent to the vendor. In our Carrefour clone script, the vendor can manage the customer's payment either online or by COD. offering multiple payment methods for the customers.

  • Manage category

    It is much easier for Carrefour clone application vendors to manage the category and sub-category from the vendor backend panel. Purbis offers customized solutions to kick start your online ordering and delivery system in UAE.

  • Manage products

    Vendors can easily manage products, product details, description, title, product image, product price, etc from the Carrefour clone vendor back end panel. We provide readymade solutions for your online ordering and delivery system.

  • Manage price

    The vendor can manage the price range of the product from the back-end panel. They can update the price and reduce the price. Our Carrefour clone lets you provide a discounted price to the customers.

Customer features in Carrefour clone script

Customer login

Your customer is provided with multiple logins. Our Carrefour clone script allows them to log in via social media channels as well. Easy login any time from anywhere with web and mobile platform

Search & filter

Our Carrefour clone script lets your customers search for the needed products and filter the products based on the brand, price, color, size, etc. This makes your customer search easy in our Carrefour clone script.

Explore category

Your customer can explore various products under categories and subcategories. Makes it easy for the customers to explore the products under various sections. Looking for a demo? Contact us now.


Quick 24 hr deals are displayed to your customers. All these attract your customers to shop online via the Carrefour clone script. Vendors can start the deals any time and end the deals as per their choice as well.

Compare product feature

Your customer is provided with the ‘compare’ product features. They can compare the features of 2 or 3 different products using this feature. Carrefour clone gives highlight features noted for the customers.

Frequently purchased

There is a separate section found in the Carrefour clone. The frequently purchased products by the customer are listed here. This makes it easy for the customers to order the products which are sold frequently.

Popular picked together

Your customers can buy some products along with a combo of other products. These combo products are listed separately in the Carrefour clone script. They are listed under a separate section in the Carrefour clone application.

Top sellers

Top sold-out products and a list of highly purchased products are listed here. All these sections in the Carrefour clone script, attract your customers to buy products online and get them delivered via the Carrefour clone app.


When the consumer receives their ordered goods from delivery staff, they can leave feedback and comments about the service providers in the Carrefour clone app.

Delivery staff features in Carrefour clone UAE

  • It's easy to get started.

    Employees of our Carrefour clone's delivery service can log in using their email addresses or phone number.

  • Track the location of the pickup.

    Our Carrefour clone delivery workers may use the navigator app to track the shortest pickup/delivery location route.

  • Management of orders

    The Carrefour clone app helps delivery personnel to manage and track orders in a consistent manner.

  • Toggle the availability of a resource.

    Our Carrefour clone offers on/off availability toggle settings for the drivers, allowing them to determine their own working hours.

  • Reviews/ratings.

    Customers can rank and comment on delivery agents' service in the Carrefour clone.

  • Reports

    In our carrefour clone offers drivers can view their earnings and total ordered deliveries statistics by monthly/weekly wise.

Our carrefour clone online shopping delivery solution supports any business verticals

Our ready-to-use Carrefour clone script can be used in any industry that requires online shopping and delivery platforms. Our Carrefour clone script is tailored to your company's size, type, and consumer requirements.

  • Ordering system admin panel

    Food delivery

    Our Carrefour clone supports adding any multi restaurant business to start online ordering and delivery service.

  • Restaurant control panel

    Grocery delivery

    Looking for the ideal app for your online grocery order and delivery service? Try our live demo app to know more features

  • Food delivery app

    Ecommerce platform

    Allow your customers to shop online for needed electronics, appliances and other products with our carrefour clone app.

  • Online ordering system for customer

    Much more service

    Our carrefour clone can support the begun the online multi service shopping business immediately

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