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courier delivery software

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Online courier dispatch and delivery software

Tired to go and handover goods to a courier service provider?

Purbis can give you the answer. It comes in the form of an application named the PAC, using which you can create an application to book parcel service providers. The application can be customized by each admin and serves as a source of continuous income, with just a single investment. The software is ours, the branded app is yours!

Courier software and on-demand delivery dispatch software lets you start to manage and track your courier business using sofware.Our courier dispatch software helps you to increase your business.

How it works?

1. Customer request for parcel pickup through App

2. Request send to admin and respective courier

3. Courier service will confirm and notify to customer

4. Customer Payment (online/Cash)

5. Courier boy collect the parcel from customer

Courier dispatch software

Benefits of using courier delivery software

Currency management<

Currency management

Our online delivery software system has built-in features that let the admin set currency value. Offers pricing information as per the local currency. Allowing the admin to view price in their preferred currency.



Our online delivery software system provides useful stats and insight view to make data-driven decisions. Get reports on various aspects of like general report, upcoming handover, payment handover status , payment handover details.

Bean points<

Bean points

Bean points are tracked and maintained here. A quick report can be generated with a number of bean points, equivalent bean point value, based bean point for conversion, bean point as per booking.

Multi language

Multi language

It supports multiple languages both RTL and LTR. Our online delivery software system can easily carter to the customer without any language barrier. It is easy to set up and run anywhere in the world.

Voucher code

Voucher code

On the delivery of each product, the system automatically generates a unique voucher code for a particular product. This allows your customer, the ability to purchase these vouchers as a gift.


SMS & Payment gateway integration

The admin can integrate the SMS and payment gateway from the backend by providing the API details which is purchased from the service provider.

Items management

Items management

Admin can add, edit, delete any type of items based on the category to make an order for the customer.

app setting<

Dynamic app setting

The admin can update the app details like name, address, e-mail, address from the backend.

Access control

Access control

Admin can add multiple sub admins from backend and give access control to each and every role.

Vehicle management

Vehicle management

Admin can add and manage the vehicle details like type, colour, model from the back end.

Category management

Category management

Admin can add, edit/update, delete the category from the admin back-end.

Manage Booking<

Manage Booking

Every booking is provided with a unique booking code & booking details can be accessed through this it.

Unique features of our courier delivery system

Our courier delivery software allows you to earn million dollar business

  • Pick-up request

    The customer sends a request for the pick-up of the goods that needs to be sent.

  • Request forwarded

    The admin of the app and the courier service providers are notified of the customer's request for pick-up.

  • Notification to customer

    Once the request is confirmed, the service provider will inform the customer about the date and time of pick-up.

  • Payments made

    The customer can choose to pay for the parcel service either through direct cash or through net banking options.

  • A collection of parcel

    The courier boy collects the parcel on the date and time that is comfortable to the customer

  • Delivery of parcel

    The collected parcel will be delivered to the mentioned address, as soon as possible in the next working days.

Benefits of using courier delivery software

save time

Save time

Helps you a save a lot of time as you needn't rush to the parcel service provider's office at the last moment. Sudden decisions to send parcels can be easily achieved with the efficient processing of PAC app.

Parcel delivery software

Easy parceling

The service provider sends a courier boy to pick the parcel from your place. It can't get easier than this! No need to keep aside time specifically for taking the parcel all the way to the courier agency, amidst heavy traffic.

Anytime and anywhere<

Anytime and anywhere

The Customer can send the courier from anywhere and can pay through online or cash on delivery. When the order has confirmed the process begins and the customer gets notified.

Feature rich system of our Courier delivery software

  • Admin Admin login
  • DashboardDashboard
  • controlManage access control
  • controlReport
  • controlManage Bean points
  • controlManage items
  • controlManage language
  • controlManage content
  • controlManage booking
  • controlManage Vehicle
  • controlManage driver
  • customersManage customers
  • vouchersManage vouchers
  • Manage currencyManage currency
  • SettingsSettings
  • SMTPSMTP info
  • SMTPSMTP inquires
  • SocialSocial media
  • FAQManage FAQ
  • pageCMS page
  • settingsGeneral setting
  • settingsPush notification
  • settingsSMS gateway setting
  • settingsOne signal setting
  • login Login
  • location Track location
  • orderAssigned order
  • ratings Customer ratings
  • status Set status of item
  • delivery Status of delivery boy
  • Sign up Sign up/ Login
  • ordersMy orders
  • Check outCheck out
  • PaymentPayment option
  • DeliveryDelivery time
  • Rating Rating & review option
  • ProfileProfile settings

What you have to do is?



Partner with a parcel service provider. Factors to consider are the location of the provider, as well as the company's price range.

Business Profile

Business profile

Courier professionals providers can individually create and maintain their business profiles.

App promotion

App promotion

Create awareness among customers about your app through special promotional strategies, involving emails, posting on social media.

Selection made

Selection made

Customers can browse the different profiles of services, choose one provider and schedule an appointment with the same.


Making payment

Customers can pay for the services either through net-banking services or through payment gateways or through direct cash.


App owner earns

Every service paid for is good news for the app owner. He or she can easily earn income from such payments.

Intermediate admin

Intermediate admin

The app owner intermediates and acts as a common platform between those who seek services and those provide them.

Multiple vendors

Single / Multiple vendors

We provide online delivery software for both single and multiple vendors suitable for any on-demand service.

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