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Want to launch an app with extraordinary functionalities and amazing features for food delivery business? Get your own Deliveroo app script to launch a multi restaurant delivery business now.

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Get complete Deliveroo clone script

Get your pre-built Deliveroo clone script for your multi restaurant food ordering and delivery business with attractive and advanced features to start a delivery service business now. Developing an app like Deliveroo can be a good business idea because the food industry is the most recession-free proof. We offer you with a top-notch deliveroo clone script for your business.

Purbis, deliveroo clone is easy customized and whitelable solutions that helps to enhance the reputation and evolution of your business. We have a remarkable rate in the food delivery app development business, and we have the aptness to build all types of features in a short period of time because we are backed up by experienced and technically strong people. With a proven track record of satisfied clients from all over the world, we have gained a high level of global confidence. Develop an app like Deliveroo to launch your own food ordering and delivery business now.

What is the Deliveroo Clone Script App?

The Deliveroo clone script app is a ready-made online food ordering system and delivery software for multi restaurant delivery business that empowers the professionals to launch their own on-demand food delivery business app with customized features similar to Deliveroo. We offer white labelled solution so that you can also rebrand your application. Customers can get their ordered foods delivered to their doorstep just with a few taps.

Deliverables - We provide you in Deliveroo Clone App

Admin Panel

Web Backend App

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Frontend - Web & Mobile app

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Delivery Staff

Mobile app

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Restaurant Panel

Backend - Web app & Mobile app

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Major features of the Deliveroo Clone Script - Web and Mobile App

  • Multi payment options

    The customer can choose their convenient mode of payment like COD, debit /credit card accordingly.

  • Multi language

    The user can choose their comfortable language from the multiple languages listed in the app accordingly.

  • Seamless integration

    It helps to augment the existing system with any new features that you wish to add in the long term.

  • Push notifications

    The admin sends the notifications to the delivery staff for the order completion, assigning driver and payment.

  • Promo setup

    Admin sets up the promo code or the referral code from their end. It can be applied for all items or single items.

  • Adaptive design

    It is created and designed to apply in a graphical user interface. It will adapt to any screen size and device.

  • Payment gateway

    It is the online payment service integrated with the e-commerce platform to make and receive payments.

  • Access optimal routes

    The delivery staff can optimize and find the shortest and the fastest route for the desired location.

  • Request management

    It is the systematic handling of the tasks required for the workflow automation, business rules and analytics.

Customer mobile app screens of our Deliveroo Clone app

Why Choose Deliveroo Clone App From Us?

  • Customizable App

    We provide customised solutions based on your business needs because the deliveroo clone script is highly flexible. Any new components can be added at any time through your Deliveroo clone.

  • Full Source Code

    Purbis provides a deliveroo clone whole source code for your business. You have total access to alter and modify the source code as per your business needs at any time.

  • White Label Solution

    Purbis, deliveroo clone script is complete white-label solutions, so you can get complete Web, Android and iOS application in your own brand name only.

  • Free installation & support

    Purbis provides free Deliveroo clone deployment and technical support following the project's completion. For further information, please contact us.

  • User friendly system

    Our online meal ordering system, which is akin to a Deliveroo clone script, is simple to use. Customers will find it simple to place orders with the app.

  • Security & reliability

    You do not need to be concerned about the app's security. Our Deliveroo clone is designed to be secure and dependable for your customers to utilise.

  • One-time investment

    Get the entire Deliveroo clone script with a one-time payment, you . It is not necessary to pay for it on a monthly basis.

  • Time and cost effective

    Purbis, deliveroo clone is very affordable cost to compared with other vendors, you will get all web and mobile applications with customized platform for your business

  • Features of Deliveroo clone For Customers

    Our deliveroo clone application ensures the productive on-demand food delivery business which addresses all the customer's concerns and provides versatile solutions.

    • Login

      The user can login / register to the app by using their email ID, phone number or social media accounts like facebook, twitter or google.

    • Profile setup

      Customers can set up their profile by entering the basic details such as name, Address, phone number, location etc.

    • Surf for nearby restaurants

      The customer can surf for the nearby restaurants from their location and can place their order accordingly.

    • Choose the delivery method

      The customer can choose the delivery method either pickup / delivery according to their convenience.

    • Delivery status

      Once the delivery is requested, the customer can check the delivery status with the help of the app tracker.

    • Track delivery

      Once the delivery is made from the customer’s end, they can track their order delivery anytime and anywhere.

    • Real time alerts

      The customer can choose their convenient mode of payment like COD, debit /credit card accordingly.

    • Live support

      The customer can talk to our support team if they are in need of any help as they are available 24x7.

    • Ratings and feedbacks

      Customers can provide ratings and feedbacks on the experience of the restaurant services providers and drivers

    Features of Deliveroo clone admin panel

    The admin maintains and manages the full fledged ongoing activities of the business and maintains complete records in a secured manner with help of our deliveroo clone.

    • Dashboard - It maintains the entire information of the store, organizes the store and then manages the other business requirements.
    • Manage the orders - The admin maintains all the orders taken place in a particular day / week in a safe and secured manner.
    • Manage restaurants - Admin can manage multiple restaurants under the one roof and also can add/remove the vendor in the backend app.
    • Payment reports - The admin manages and maintains each and every single payment in a safe and secured manner.
    • Real time updates - Admin manages the real time updates about the ongoing activities taking place in order to develop the business.
    • Number of delivery / pickup - Admin maintains the report about the number of deliveries / pickup taken place in a particular day / week.
    • Ratings and reviews - Admin manages and maintains the rating and reviews updated by the customer in a safe and secured manner.
    • CMS Settings - Admin can edit and update the content in the web pages at any time in the content management section.
    Admin back end for Food Ordering Script

    Features of the Deliveroo Clone App for Drivers

    Our deliveroo clone script application allows the delivery staff to view the order details, location, phone number, route optimization, and navigate to the restaurant or the customers location.

    • Easy register - The delivery staff can register login to the app by using the email ID or phone number or other social media accounts.
    • Profile setup - The delivery staff can set their profile by entering their basic details such as name, age, address, phone number etc.
    • Manage orders -The delivery staff can manage the incoming requested orders from their end according to their convenience.
    • Accept and reject the order - The delivery person can either accept or reject the incoming orders according to their comfortness.
    • Order details - Once the order is placed by the customer, the agent can get the customer's details such as name, phone number, address.
    • Raise a dispute - The delivery staff can raise a dispute if incase of any help or assistance needed from the technical team.
    • Geo location - The delivery staff can find the exact location of the respective customer by using the geolocation service.
    • Track pickup location - The delivery staff can track the pickup location by using the navigator and then reach the desired location.
    • Ratings and feedback - Once the order is delivered, the customer provides ratings and feedback about the service.
    Restaurant back end Food Ordering Script

    Features of the Deliveroo Clone for Restaurants

    Our deliveroo clone application enhances the restaurant productively, managing the sales, executing orders, managing the discounts etc and responding to the customers.

    Grocery management software for shop owners
    • Login / register - The restaurant manager can register their restaurant to the list on the app and they can login by using their credentials.
    • Restaurant details - The restaurant manager maintains the details such as the restaurant name, location, availability, opening and closing hours etc.
    • Items list - The restaurant manager can add the available items under various categories and sub-categories.
    • Manage restaurant info - The manager can maintain the information about the items such as the cost, availability, items details on the app.
    • Manage orders - The manager takes care of the entire process such adding, updating, deleting, order received /delivered etc.
    • Accept / deny - The restaurant manager can either accept or deny the incoming order request from their end according to their convenience.
    • Add or delete items - The restaurant manager can either add the item or delete the item according to their comfortness.
    • Manage categories -The manager maintains the categories, sub-categories, ingredients type, products cost etc their end.
    • Manage inventory - The restaurant manager manages the inventory by integrating the third party tools into the application.

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