Multi Service Delivery.Com Clone Script

Launch next-generation delivery application similar to Our Delivery clone script is suitable for food, grocery, cake, meat, laundry, medical, alcohol, etc.

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Customized Clone Script

Want to become the next delivery giant like Purbis offers a complete end-to-end solution that enables users to order from local vendors for food or X type of delivery using the website or mobile app. Our Delivery clone script is highly customizable for any delivery business sector such as restaurant, cake & beverages, laundry, grocery, pizza, parcel, courier service, water supply, medicine, stationery, etc. Our Delivery clone script helps to manage any type of business sector. Purbis offer both readymade and customized solutions to fulfill the business needs. We are ready to offer end-to-end solutions to kick start your online ordering and delivery business. Are you looking for a software application system just like Purbis empowers your online business.

Our on-demand clone app is provided with a powerful platform to kick start your ordering and delivery business. We offer the Delivery clone script supporting on both web and mobile platforms. Overall helps you to expand your online business globally. Our Delivery clone script has inbuilt unique features to attract your customers online. Purbis’ Delivery clone script offers features more than, contact us for a customized delivery solution. We have highly skilled designers and developers to work on your customized Delivery clone app script. Want to develop a world-class online delivery system? Purbis offers a perfect solution to increase business revenue online.


Back - end panel (Web)

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Service Provider

Backend - panel (Web & Mobile )

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Frontend (Web & Mobile)

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Delivery staff

Mobile app

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Here is the Important features of our clone


Live tracking option

Our Delivery clone script lets your customers track their order status via the like track feature. Your customers are provided with instant updates on the delivery status either packed/ delivered/ out for delivery.

Push notification

Admin/vendors receive quick push notification requests on every customer order request in the Delivery clone.

Offers/promo codes

In our clone script provides to setup a offers/promos codes/discounts for their customers to increase the profit

Multiple language & currency

Our Delivery clone script supports multiple languages and currencies. Admin had to change the language and currency settings from the clone admin back end panel.

Multiple payment options

Purbis offers easy payments with multiple options like Paypal, debit, credit, and net banking. Let your customers get their deliveries through any mode of payment from the Delivery clone app.

Route optimization

Our clone app comes with route navigation and optimization to find the shortest routes to pick up/delivery process

Document verification

Service providers can submit their business related documents for the verification to approve as a vendor partner in clone

Search/filter option

Customers can search their needed services by name and also filter the services by ratings, location etc in the delivery clone

E-wallet options

This feature allows customers to pay their bills/payments by using the eWallet options in our clone

Here is why our clone script best fit your business

Installation & set up

Purbis offers free installation and setup support. We install the Delivery clone script at your server free of cost. We offer the support for almost 3 months after the delivery of the Delivery clone project for free.

Full source code

We offer Delivery clone scripts with 100% source code. So that you have complete access to the project. You can edit or upgrade the features of the Delivery clone script as per your choice. Get access to the source code anytime.

Latest technology

Our Delivery clone software is developed with the latest tools and technology to maintain the performance of the Delivery clone app. Contact us to build a clone app now.

Readymade solution

Looking for a readymade solution to launch your on-demand delivery business? Our Delivery clone script offers an instant solution to kick start any kind of on-demand ordering and delivery business. Our app includes admin, vendor, customer, and delivery app.

Highly customizable

Purbis offers a customized solution for any type of delivery sector business. Looking for a customized solution? We are ready to develop Delivery clone products from scratch according to your business needs.

Support and Maintenance

Purbis provides three months of free technical support after the app moved in your server if you face any issues in this periods, our team will rectify it and also purbis offers AMC for your clone app

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Our Delivery clone script Features that serve best for your customers

Easy login

Your customer can log in to the Delivery clone app with username & password anytime from anywhere.

User profile

Your customer can set their profile with customer name, mail id, phone number, address, and other details.


Your customer receives an instant notification on any order confirmations and offers in our Delivery clone script

Advanced search

Our Delivery clone script is provided with an advanced search feature provided with an auto search option.


Let your customers mark their favorite products for future orders in our Delivery clone script.

Order history

Your customer can view the complete order history from the start till the recent orders in the Delivery clone.

Filter / sort option

Customers can use the filter or sort option to simplify the search in the Delivery clone script.


Customers can have access to various categories within the city from our Delivery clone script.

Reviews & ratings

Our Delivery clone script, allows your customers to provide ratings and reviews, which are publicly viewable.

Features you find in our Admin panel - clone

  • Robust dashboard

    Admin has complete access to the customer ordering and delivery process in our Delivery clone app.

  • Manage services

    Admin can manage various services and categories such as food, grocers, alcohol, laundry and much more service in the clone

  • Manage customers

    You can easily manage and track the customer data and their order details from the admin back-end panel.

  • Manage vendors

    Multiple vendors can be managed with ease from the admin backend panel in our Delivery clone app.

  • Manager delivery staff

    You can efficiently manage delivery staff and automate the order assigned from the Delivery clone backend panel.

  • General settings

    Settings include SMTP, contact settings, enable or disable options, currency setting, etc are managed in the Delivery clone app.

  • Advance report

    Admin can generate the customer report, sales report either weekly or monthly, a delivery staff report from the Delivery clone.

  • Commission fee setup

    Admin can set up a commissions percentage for the delivery staffs and also service providers in the clone script

Features you find in our vendor panel - clone


Service providers can be easily create their profile using phone number/emails and setting up the service details in our clone

Manage customers

With customer data, vendors can send mails on new deals, offers, new menus, etc on the Delivery clone app.

Order received

Orders placed by the customers are managed here and delivered to them. Vendors receive a notification.

Manager delivery staff

Vendors can manage the delivery staff either manually or automated based on availability.

Manage categories

In our Delivery clone script, the vendor can add multiple categories and subcategories from the backend.

Add items images

The vendor can update the items, our Delivery clone script is suitable for any business type and model.

Smart report

Our Delivery clone script allows your vendor to generate customer sales reports and helps to maintain performance.

Payment management

Each vendor is provided with a separate payment module, the customer pays directly to the vendor.

Manage reviews/ratings

Manage customer providing ratings and feedback of your service in the clone app

Features you find in our delivery app - Delivery clone

  • Quick signup

    In our Delivery clone, delivery staff is provided with an intuitive delivery app with easy login.

  • Accept / reject request

    Your delivery agent can either accept or reject the customer order request in the Delivery app.

  • Online/offline

    The delivery agent can set their availability either online or offline, which is visible to the vendor and admin.

  • Order history

    In our Delivery clone script, the delivery staff can track the complete order history based on the date and time.

  • Order summary

    The orders summary details include the delivery time, date, customer location, delivery price, etc.

  • Assigned job

    The vendor can assign new jobs to the delivery staff based on their availability status in our Delivery clone script.

  • Live chat

    Our Delivery clone script is provided with inbuilt live chat support to get in touch with the vendor and admin.

  • Route optimization

    Our delivery app is provided with app navigation to deliver the parcel in the shortest route. To make the task simple.

Why Choose Purbis for the GoPuff clone app?

  • Ordering system admin panel

    Skilled developers

    Purbis was 7+ years of designer and developer to work on your GoPuff clone project. Our developers are ready to work on your project anytime.

  • Restaurant control panel

    Reliable solution

    Our GoPuff clone script provides a reliable solution to manage your complete ordering & delivery process in one platform.

  • Food delivery app

    Highly scalable solution

    Our GoPuff clone script offers a highly scalable and secure solution for your online business.

  • Online ordering system for customer

    Suitable for all

    Our GoPuff clone script is suitable for any kind of ordering and delivery business sector. Contact us for the GoPuff clone demo.

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