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Are you seeking a Gojek clone app script to start your own new business? You've arrived at the right location. For your business startup, we offer a customizable multi-service platform that all-in-one solution is called a gojek clone. In a single app, our Gojek clone offers various services such as taxi booking, bike riding, all essential delivery services (food, medicine, flowers, groceries, etc. ), courier service, beauty, pet care, and car wash, and over 20+ handyman services. Start your on-demand business with the leading gojek app development company and reputable readymade app providers, which offer a robust and white-labeled, and attract Gojek clone pre-packed with advanced attributes and required segments that allow your business to build a huge user base with our interactive and engaging functionality and app quality.

To develop everything in one place and profit handsomely from the gojek clone script. Getting a Gojek clone app that provides a lot of advantages to the customers and also business owners - the multi-service app allows you to earn more money and also gives big advantages to customers as well - the user does not need to install bulk apps to get a variety of services. Highly trained developers built our gojek clone app. We ensure ‌all features/functions will run smoothly to the customers/service providers and the users only need to take a few steps to access any of the services. Our Gojek clone features are simple to understand and also a user-friendly solution, so your users can start operating it right away. Take a peek at the app's basic flow. Our Gojek clone has three sections: a branded customer website and app, a powerful admin and dispatcher panel, and a user-friendly driver and service provider app.

What stakeholders can we offer with our Gojek clone?

This is a comprehensive solution designed to solve all of your difficulties! We don't simply give you a gojek clone app. Here are some stakeholders who come with our Gojek clone:

Android mobile app for customers and service providers

To guarantee that our android application runs properly for both customers and service providers.

iOS app for customers and service providers

We also give an iOS app that is created natively to work with no delays or obstacles for the service providers and customers.

Backend web panel for the stores/restaurants

We provide a web backend panel for grocery stores and restaurants to manage online orders and monitor the delivery process.

Mobile apps drivers and delivery staff

Our gojek clone provides mobile apps for taxi drivers and delivery staff to deliver food/groceries to users' doorstep.

Backend admin panel

We designed the top-notch admin app that ensures complete monitoring and supervises all the users' and store/service partners' activities.

Dispatcher panel

Our gojek clone has a dispatcher panel that helps to manage adeptly of the service bookings and driver dispatching.

Backend web panel for the service provider

We built a web backend panel for service partners who are providing various on-demand services to customers to take the business online.

Our gojek clone customers app screens for your review

On-demand multiple services we offer in our Gojek clone

As previously said, users prefer to install a single app rather than many apps in order to get a broad range of services. As a result, Gojek has become a one-stop-shop for all purposes, resulting in a large user base. We have added 40+ services in our gojek clone script that helps entrepreneurs/business startups to set an immediately gojek like on-demand business. Here is a list of services we covered in our gojek clone.

Grocery management software for shop owners

Features of admin panel

At Purbis, the Gojek clone is the greatest taxi dispatch solution to improve taxi booking, tracking, and management capabilities. With our strong Gojek clone script, you can increase the number of taxi bookings and control, and streamline taxi business operations on a single platform. We have listed all features in Uber, Ola, Grab, My Taxi, etc. There are three main app deliverables already in the gojek clone listed.

  • Users Application

  • Web Admin Panel

  • Driver Application

Food ordering and delivery

    In its most basic form, our gojek clone also has a meal delivery service app that acts as an aggregator of a restaurant's and delivery networks. Food delivery automation and business streamlining are being created by more elaborate, all-in-one delivery hubs. The food delivery module has four main panels integrated to deliver the services.
  • End-User Application

  • Restaurant Web Panel

  • Delivery Person App

  • Web Backend Panel For Admin

Grocery ordering mobile app for customer
Grocery management software for shop owners

Grocery ordering and delivery

    Groceries delivery will handle the same set of functions as food delivery, but it will replace restaurants with the retailer shops/supermarket handles. The customer will ‌perform all activities by replacing hotel options with retailer stores and the Food menu with a groceries menu. The replaced panel settings with customized functions mapped to groceries selection, purchase, and delivery.
  • End-User Panel

  • Retailer/Stores/Supermarket Panel

  • Delivery Person App

  • Admin Panel

Other essential services

    If you are looking to add other essential ordering and delivery businesses to this app? Don't worry about that. Our gojek clone supports any of the on-demand delivery services that can be added to the platform, such as flowers, fuel, parcel/courier services, gifts/toys, and much more. The essential delivery module has four main panels integrated to deliver the services - web and mobile apps for service providers, customer web and apps, and driver apps. Contact us now to get your customized White label platform similar to gojek.
  • Customer Panel

  • Service Provider Panel

  • Delivery Person App

  • Admin Panel

Grocery ordering mobile app for customer

On-demand services

The various online multi-service providers are generic and cater to a general audience who uses the application. There is a thin line between the service providers and the application users when the end customers are from a particular group. All On-Demand services are managed under the three panels and also our gojek clone is a customized platform that helps to choose the on-demand services to list in this application. So we can change any of these services in our gojek clone application to provide workable service to customers, which includes:

Plumbers Hiring

Electrician Hiring

Carpenter Hiring


Massage Services

Beautician Packages Hiring

Tow Trucks


Car Wash


Dog Walking



Lawn Care and mowing

Beauty and Spa, etc.

Some remarkable features of our gojek clone

Our Gojek clone script is a strong and trustworthy platform, and it delivers a combination of multiple on-demand services. We endeavor to make your dreams come true, from transport services to delivery companies to personalized styling services.

  • Profile management

    Users, drivers, and service providers can use this feature to update their profiles by adding their contact information, address, and other information.

  • Rewards/Coupon codes

    Admin may entice more people to download the app by offering referral rewards as discounts via coupon codes in our gojek clone.

  • Multiple bookings

    With our gojek clone app, customers can take advantage of this functionality to book multiple services at the same time.

  • Integrated analytics

    Admin and services providers can get real-time analytical stats and reports to understand the business flow/functions.

  • Real-time tracking

    With help of our gojek clone, customers can view their status of ordered/requested services on a real-time basis.

  • Multi-language/currencies

    Our gojek clone script supports different languages and currencies that based on the customers and business needs.

  • In-app notifications

    Admin can send notifications to consumers in the gojek clone app about various deals and other events that may occur throughout the booking process.

  • Mark favorite

    With our gojek clone, customers can mark their favorite services and also service providers in this section.

  • Referrals

    If users recommend this app to their relatives and colleagues, friends. Members can receive loyalty points who have installed this app.

  • Geofencing

    Our gojek clone allows the Admin to set Geo gates to limit the locations to provide services. These Geo barriers can be customized and changed to suit your needs.

  • Review management

    With our gojek clone, the admin manager will check all reviews that are dropped by the users about the experience of the service providers and drivers.

  • Commission Setup

    In the gojek clone app, the admin will be able to set the percentage of commission amount to provide stores/service providers and also to the drivers.

  • Scheduling

    Customers can arrange taxis, deliveries, and other services through this app at their leisure. This gojek clone guarantees that business booking activities run smoothly.

  • Route navigation

    Our gojek clone enables the navigation feature after receiving the service request, providing end-to-end direction advice to the selected user location.

  • Offers and Discounts

    Admin can provide any offers and discounts to lure users during the festival or during peak times. It's one of the considerably useful methods to boost revenue and attract new customers.

What is the purpose of getting a Gojek clone script?

On one hand, you can access a variety of services. Yes. A time to reserve any service at any location that is currently available. Gojek Clone is an on-demand industry-leading platform that digitally links different types of service providers with clients - that includes transportation, food/grocery services, handyman, and other services are available. On-demand multiservice comes in different forms and sizes. Using the opt-in method, you can upgrade all of your services online. Customers can get instant fulfillment with a Gojek clone. Now is your chance to become a magnificent multi-service business owner!

Purbis creates a promising Gojek clone app solution that response to all real-time necessities. The Gojek clone script's proprietary multi-service marketplace solves real-time challenges by providing essential unique characteristics. With the addition of many monetization sources, our Gojek clone app has quickly become a fan favorite. From now on, schedule your app platform!

And additional features of our Gojek clone - Web and Mobile Apps

Create a well-designed and functional application with our gojek clone and present tough challenges to your competitors. Purbis, gojek clone script provides a great experience for your end-users, which is accessible to both Android and iOS platforms, and has the following features available.

Customer App | Service Provider App | Admin Panel | Driver App

Grocery management software for shop owners

Features of admin panel

  • Robust Dashboard

    The administrator can monitor all ongoing services via our sophisticated dashboard in our gojek clone app. In the future, they will ‌manage and perform all necessary activities.
  • Manage Customers

    Admin can access and alter user profiles using the app at any time. They have complete control over the users in our gojek clone app.
  • Manage Vendors

    Admins can add or delete vendors from the app at any moment. They have complete power for managing the vendors in our gojek clone app.
  • Manage Drivers

    In our gojek clone, the admin can manage no. of drivers in this feature and also can monitor the delivery executives’
  • Advanced Reports/Insights

    An administrator can use analytics reports to improve the business flow and have a better understanding of the visitors.

Features of customer app

  • Smart Search/Filter

    Our gojek clone comes with a search and filter option that helps customers find desired services by service names, ratings, menu/item name, etc.

  • Book/Schedule

    The flexibility to book now or schedule is one of the most useful features in our gojek clone app. As a result, the user can book their services instantlyor at a later time.
  • Live Tracking

    Customers can monitor the real-time whereabouts of delivery executives or service providers using the tracking feature. It helps determine the arrival ‌time of placed orders
  • Easy Payment Option

    We provide different payment alternatives to ensure that our users are satisfied. Customers will ‌use a variety of payment methods, including card payments, online payments, and COD.
Grocery items

Are you ready to develop your own multi-service application like gojek? Discuss your business needs with us to get a customized platform.

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Grocery management software for shop owners

Features of service provider panel

  • Maintain Availability Status

    The merchant/service provider can use the toggle option for online/offline availability by using this. As a result, the user will clearly understand the situation.
  • Manage Service/Order Request

    This feature helps vendors can handle the orders and requests placed by customers and also vendors have options to accept/reject their orders.
  • Manage Categories/Subcategories

    We built our gojek clone script to allow the store owner/service providers to control product category sections. They can change the product's status and change the components at any moment.
  • Instant Notifications

    Food/grocery stores and service providers will get instant notification about the orders placed/services requested by customers in this feature.
  • Earning Details

    Our gojek clone helps stores/services providers can view their income stats monthly/weekly wise.

Features of driver app

  • Availability Toggle

    The toggling option is one of the nicest aspects of our Gojek clone script. As a result, the driver can control the availability of the vehicle by enabling online or offline mode.
  • Requests of orders/rides

    Drivers can receive fast order/ride request notifications in our on-demand multiple service app after the admin approves the order/ride.
  • Route Optimizations

    We implemented GPS navigation for route optimization in our Gojek clone script. Service providers might use this to find the ideal location.
  • Earning Reports

    It included this function to ensure our drivers' contentment. A driver can examine their earnings report based on their rides/orders using this function.
Grocery items

The most important reasons for the popularity of Gojek clone app

Safer and more practical.

The popularity of on-demand multi-service apps has surged because of the COVID crisis. During the shutdown, the use of these on-demand delivery apps soared fivefold. On-demand apps have bridged the consumer and supplier divide by delivering economical on-demand delivery services, as people keep a social distance and do not show their faces unless ‌essential. People respect the ease and comfort that Gojek Clone App provides, based on the current scenario.

Easily reachable.

People can use their smartphones and an internet connection to place orders or access a variety of services from anywhere at any time. With just a few taps, customers of the on-demand delivery service app, for example, can order their favorite food from nearby local restaurants easily. However, in order to match the consumers' expectations, the order will be delivered brief span of time.

Benefits of digital technology

With the help of a separate app and web panels, controlling Gojek clone becomes a breeze. Another digital advantage of employing a Gojek app clone is that you won't have to pay for a store or heavy machines. The only factor entrepreneurs need to be concerned about is app maintenance; the system will handle the rest.

Mobile-friendly apps

People really enjoy utilizing mobile apps, as we all understand. We rely on mobile apps for everything, from buying clothes to booking a cab, to any of the services. Companies have already switched their services to mobile platforms, believing that this is the most efficient method to contact their consumers. You may entice all of your target users with the Gojek clone app and serve them online using mobile app technology.

The reputation of the brand

The Gojek clone app has the potential to gain a sizable consumer base. Customers are more willing to choose your app if it includes sophisticated options such as multi-language and currency support, in-app call/chat support for customer service, alerts, and the option to add, delete, and update services based on user preferences, among others. When your Gojek Clone delivers on its expectations, your brand image improves and you gain a devoted customer base.

Consistent revenue flow

It's critical to keep your on-demand multi-service platforms' uniqueness and involvement high. New features, improved navigation, and design, as well as advertising reward programs and special promotions, will all contribute to a consistent revenue flow.

Better efficient

Rather than focusing solely on how to run a firm, the multi-service business owner should concentrate on how to connect to more consumers and boost earnings. With the Gojek Clone, everything is significantly more powerful. App owners can now gain instantly downloadable apps that are easy to use, quick to implement and provide a precise view of their company's current situation.

Maximum ROI

You can receive a winning lottery ticket to accessing a world of on-demand services that produce huge revenues by simply making a tiny investment. Include a variety of services, such as shopping, delivery, transport services, and more. It doesn't matter what you're looking for; we've got it.

Our development process of your customized gojek clone app

  • Prepare your business plan and also what you required for your business after that contact us via any mode of communication (email, chat, or phone calls) because we are available any time at a convenient date and time for a detailed discussion. Our developers will listen to your requirements and respond with a plan framework. And also, we will provide you with the complete demo call of our gojek clone's app workflow and functionalities.
  • Following the demo, you can share your customization ideas with us and confirm the features and functions ‌you need.
  • Our aim is to provide a solid gojek like application. So we will appoint a professional project manager who will oversee all operations from the starting point to the completion of the application and launch dates.
  • Else, if you are satisfied with our default gojek clone app features and functionalities, then our team will begin working with the white-labeled script using your desired logo, design, brand name, language, currency, and all.
  • The app will be ready for your approval once the entire strategy has been performed and tested. We'll show you a working demo of your software that meets all of your specifications. Our developers will begin the process of releasing in Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store after receiving clearance.
  • Woohoo! Your new Gojek like the multi-service app is available now. So you can start your business advertisement and promotions to reach the people.
  • Finally, if you want to make any changes to your Gojek clone-like app after the launch, we will provide the source code. Our technical support team will also be accessible to assist you at any time.

Additional benefits added in our gojek clone

The on-demand service industry is flooded with different on-demand apps, and establishing an all-in-one gojek clone app can allow you and your company to reach new heights in a vertical position. Here are the additional benefits that come with our gojek clone.

  • Support

    Even after you've made your purchase, we'll be here to help you. If your app gets rejected after you submit it, we will accept it honestly.

  • Installation

    After you've made your purchase, we'll install our script on your server for free. We can help you bring your script to life in a short amount of time.

  • Quick launch

    Our apps are pre-built solutions that can be swiftly tweaked and released to the public in the quickest time possible.

  • App submission

    We submit the apps that you have purchased with us. We provide full support for submitting iOS apps to the App Store and Android apps to the Play Store.

  • Native apps

    Our team created all the app's features and functionalities in native languages for IOS and Android to give a lightweight script.

  • Onetime payment

    If choose our default application to purchase with complete source code, we don't really need any further fees unless the work causes indefinite working hours.

  • Non-disclosure agreement

    Once you've decided to work with us, we'll sign an NDA to ensure that your company ideas are safe and secure. We follow NDA policy rigorously.

  • Bug-free

    For a limited time, we provide free help for bugs and other technical issues to guarantee that your business is not disrupted.

  • Free demo call

    You can try out our gojek clone script performance before you buy it. We provide a free live demo to assist you in better understanding how it works.

Why choose a Purbis gojek clone app for your business?

Customized solutions

Purbis, Gojek clone is a completely customized platform so that we can change any features based on your business needs.

White-label platform

We provide fully white-label solutions to our clients - all web and apps will be available in your own branding and logo only.

Complete source code

We offering the full source code of our gojek clone script to the customers, so you can add or remove feature/functions in the future.

Highly scalability

Don't waste your breath on your company ambitions, because the Gojek-like app can be ramped up in a big way. We guarantee a fantastic performance, and our gojek clone script does not disappoint you!

Innovative technology

We developed the Gojek clone with strong functioning and a plethora of fantastic features, relying on the brilliance of the current technological breakthroughs at their sparkling best.

50+ On-demand services

Our gojek clone can handle anything from everywhere to give the best services at customer places from beauty to any other services. If your user is happier, the more helpful your service will be to earn that amount of revenue.

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