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Want to launch your on-demand food ordering delivery business without any hassles? Purbis offers an readymade iFood clone to begin an on-demand food delivery platform similar to iFood. Try Live Demo Now.

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Profitable iFood Clone Script For Your Business

Purbis offers complete pre-built features of the iFood clone. Our iFood clone application provides an end to end solution for both ordering and delivery systems to launch your online store. Allowing you to efficiently manage and monitor food chain business online. The iFood clone script is not only suitable for restaurants but also for meat delivery, beverage delivery, wine delivery, pharmacy delivery, etc. The application is suitable for any type, size, and kind of business online. We have solutions for both single vendor and multi-vendor restaurant ordering businesses. Purbis has highly skilled designers and developers to work on any type of project. We focus on providing a user-friendly iFood clone application that makes it easy for your customers to order food online. We provide food ordering and delivery systems supporting both the web and mobile platforms.

Want to provide your customers with dishes from various restaurants? iFood clone script is the perfect platform for your customers to order food online and get it delivered on time. We have inbuilt features, which attract your customers to order online. Purbis’s iFood clone is the perfect choice for fulfilling your customer's needs. Our developer uses the latest tools and technology to develop the iFood clone application to increase the performance of the application. iFood clone script is an all-in-one solution to perform food ordering and delivery business online. Take your business to the next level with our iFood clone application. Contact us for a customized iFood clone script.


Back - end panel (Web)

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Service Provider

Backend - panel (Web & Mobile )

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Frontend (Web & Mobile)

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Delivery staff

Mobile app

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Few of Our iFood Clone Script Offers Intuitive Features

Purbis ’iFood clone script has excellent inbuilt features, to instantly start your online business. We are ready to provide more features than iFood. Our iFood clone application helps you to increase your business ROI and attract customers online. Contact us for a customized solution.


Search & filter

Your customers can easily search for any dish or restaurant directly in the search box and also can filter the list based on the filter option in our iFood clone script.


Our iFood clone script is provided with deals options. The deals are displayed with today's menu deals and offers. This feature attracts customers to buy online.

Multi payment options

iFood clone script is provided with various payment methods for your customers which includes COD, online payment, net banking, and wallet system.

Manageable tools

Our ifood clone script has many manageable tools such as menus/items, customers, service providers, commission fee setup, drivers, page settings, and so on.

Push notification

A quick notification is sent to the admin/vendor in our iFood clone script on every customer order request to delivery. Contact us for a customized iFood clone app.

Customized menu

Your customers can provide a customized menu by suggesting more onion usage, or less onion usage. Based on the options provided in the iFood clone script.

Combo pack

A super combo pack of meals is also provided by the vendors which include a meal with soup, starter, main dish, etc in our iFood clone app.

New deals

Admin has complete access to start or pause the deals set by the vendors. These deals attract customers.

Todays offers

You can manage the ” Today offers”. By setting up these offers your customer can frequently order. Best way to attract customers.

Update news

Any news updates, restaurant new menu, latest offers, new restaurant startup, etc are all maintained under Updated news in the iFood clone backend app.

Easy tracking

Our iFood clone script tracks complete reports on client orders, delivery team performance, restaurant orders, and more on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Statistical report

Your customer can now track the status of their food order with the ifood clone app's live tracking feature. Keep your customers informed about the situation.

How does our Ifood clone script work?

Zomato clone

1. Find the nearest restaurant based on the location

2.Browse Menus, Add to cart, Checkout & Pay online or COD

3.Delivery staff get notified

4.Delivery staff arrives and pick up the order

5.Delivery staff delivers the order at your location

6.Customer can provide ratings & reviews

Looking for customized on-demand food delivery like iFood clone script?

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Reason to choose Purbis, iFood clone script?

100% customizable

Looking for a customizable solution? Purbis offers a 100% customizable solution suitable for your business needs. We are ready to provide a complete solution for any type of business section.

Full source code

Purbis offer an iFood clone application with 100% source code. You get complete access to the code, you can edit update, or remove code from the backend as per your needs. Also can upgrade the feature later on.

Readymade solution

Are you looking for a readymade solution similar to iFood? Purbis offers a readymade iFood clone script. The features of our iFood clone script are just similar to the iFood application. You can instantly launch your iFood clone app.

Technical support

Purbis provides continuous 3 months of free support and maintenance after the delivery of the iFood clone application in your brand name. You get support via call, chat, message, etc from our developer at any time.

White label platform

Looking for a white label solution? Purbis is ready to offer the iFood clone script white label on apps and the web that is labeled with your brand name and logo. Ready to purchase an iFood clone application customized?

Multiple languages

Our developers develop the iFood clone application supporting multiple languages and currencies. So that you can run your online delivery business globally gaining customers across the world. Contact us now.

Some of our iFood clone script mobile app screens for your references

iFood clone - Customer app features

Customer profile

Your customer easily registers and signs in to the iFood clone application. They can set up a profile, which includes name, mail id, profile pic, contact address, and number.

Find restaurant

Our iFood clone script allows your customers to look for the list of restaurants from the nearby location. They get various options to order food online.

Confirm location

Your customers need to confirm their current location or update their address to get the order delivered to the place on time in our iFood clone script.

Best restaurants

The iFood clone application has a separate section displaying the list of best restaurants. These lists are listed based on the maximum ratings received for the restaurants by customers.

Best markets

Your customers are allowed to buy the menus from the marketplace. It would be a great online shopping experience for your customers in our iFood clone script.

Customer order

Your customer can order food via the iFood clone web or mobile application. Order history is maintained along with the date, menu, restaurant, etc.

Restaurant/pet shop/pharmacy

Our iFood clone application not only delivers food from restaurants also delivers pet food, pharmacy, etc. It has inbuilt various sectors.

Cancel order

The customers are allowed to cancel the menu order any time and schedule the order for later as well in our iFood clone application.


Ratings & Reviews

Your customers can provide reviews and ratings based on taste, presentation, quality, delivery time, etc in each vendor profile.

iFood clone script - vendor features

  • Vendor profile

    Our iFood clone script allows easy registration for each vendor. They can set up a separate profile along with reviews.

  • Manage customer order

    Customer order requests are managed here. The status of the customer order is maintained here as well. Easy management is done in our iFood clone script.

  • Manage menus

    The menu along with the menu title, description, price, image, ratings for the menu, etc are all managed here under Manage menus in the iFood clone application.

  • Manage quantity

    The quantity of each menu they provide can be managed here in our iFood clone app, Eg - Soups ½, Lime soda ½, pizza ¼, etc.

  • Accept/ reject order

    Your vendor can either accept or reject the order request in the iFood clone application. Contact us for the readymade solution.

  • Manage products

    Different product types are managed here. Vendors can either add or remove products as per their choice in our iFood clone script.

  • Manage payments

    The vendor receives the payment directly from the customers. The mode of payment is maintained here for future reference.

  • Manage customers

    Our iFood clone script allows easy customer management. The customer name, mail id, contact details, etc can be tracked here.

  • Report generation

    The quick report can be generated based on the customer order request, payments, reviews, etc on a weekly and monthly basis.

  • Manage ingredient

    A list of ingredients for each menu can be maintained here. So, the list will be displayed for the customers on the iFood clone app front end panel.

iFood clone script - Admin features

Interactive dashboard

Our iFood clone script is provided with an interactive dashboard allowing you to manage the complete ordering and delivery system in a single platform.

Generate report

Admin can generate quick reports based on the vendor's sales, customer request, overall performance, etc weekly or monthly basis.

Manage vendors

Admin can easily manage vendors and their details from the iFood clone script admin back end panel. The application is user-friendly to handle for admin.

Manage customers

Any number of customers can be managed by admin from the iFood clone app-admin back end panel. It includes customer name, contact details, mail id, etc.


Quick newsletters or offer updates can be sent to the customers from our iFood clone admin backend panel.

Manage commission

You can manage the commission and the respective percentage of commission from each restaurant can be set from the backend panel.

Set minimum order value

A minimum order value can be set by the admin. Your customer is allowed to place an order when the minimum order value is reached.

Manage payment process

Admin can manage the complete payment process. You can keep track of the customer's payment and their mode of payment from the backend panel.

Manage reviews

Admin has complete access to enable or disable the reviews provided by the customers in our iFood clone application.

iFood clone script - Delivery staff app

  • Simple sign up

    The delivery app has an easy sign-up process that allows delivery personnel to view delivery duties online.

  • Offline vs. online

    The delivery workers in our iFood clone software can adjust their accessibility online or offline depending on their delivery task.

  • Order accept/reject

    The delivery employees in our ifood clone app can approve or reject the client order request from the delivery app.

  • Route navigation

    In our iFood clone has a easy route nativeagtions setting that helps to find the shortest route to receive ordered foods from restaurants to delivery

  • Earning details

    Delivery staff can view their earning details and also total delivered orders by day and weekly wise in our ifood clone

  • Reviews/ratings

    Delivery staffs can manage their customers providing feedbacks and ratings in our ifood clone script app

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