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Want to make an on-demand delivery platform similar to Menulog?

Customized menulog clone script

Looking for a perfect online food ordering and delivery system for your single or multiple restaurants? Purbis offers a complete end-to-end solution similar to Menulog? We provide a readymade Menulog clone script allowing your customer to place orders and help them find nearby options. We provide all the features and functionality of Menulog, a perfect replica of the Menulog application. Our Menulog clone script allows any restaurant owners or entrepreneurs to launch their own food delivery business. Our food ordering application allows your customer to place their order and get it delivered on time.

Purbis has highly experienced developers, who are ready to provide features and functionality better than Menulog. Looking for an extra feature list? We have customized solutions to enhance your online ordering and delivery business. The delivery staff can be either included in the Menulog clone application in case necessary. We provide application support on the web and mobile apps. Want to feed your customers with a wide range of delicious food? Then you are at the right place. Our Menulog clone application has an excellent feature list, which would surely attract your customers online. Contact us for a customized solution.


Back - end panel (Web)

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Vendor/service provider

Backend - panel (Web & Mobile )

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Frontend (Web & Mobile)

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Delivery staff

Mobile app

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Our Menulog Clone Script Offers Intuitive Features And Functionalities

Want to start your own on-demand food delivery business? Purbis has highly skilled designers and developers to develop Menulog clone scripts from starch. We offer readymade solutions for any kind of business sector. The features of our food ordering and delivery application are just similar to the Menulog clone.



The rewards points can be converted as cash and added to the wallet account. This feature encourages customers to shop more.

Add to cart

After selecting the menu from the Menulog clone application, your customer can add directly the menus to the cart. Provided with a simple Add to cart button.


Our Menulog clone script has a wallet option. Allowing your customers to purchase menus via wallet payment.

Push notification

A quick push notification is sent to customers on every order request, order confirmation and other alters on order notification.

Live tracking

Your customer can have a tracking status update on the arrival of the menu ordered from the Menulog clone script. The status is updated here.

Multiple payment methods

Our Menulog clone script supports multiple payment methods and currencies. Now you can run your online food ordering and delivery business globally and gain customers overall.


Our menulog clone app includes gifts and promo codes. These features entice your clients to order online, and they can return by using a coupon code. The sales order should be increased.

Updates banners

Any news updates, restaurant new menus, newest offers, new restaurant launch, and so on are all kept in the menulog clone backend app's Updated news section.

Route optimization

Our menulog clone script comes with route optimization features for delivery staffs to find the short and fastest routes for delivery

How does our Menulog clone script work?

Zomato clone

1. Find the nearest restaurant based on the location

2.Browse Menus, Add to cart, Checkout & Pay online or COD

3.Delivery staff get notified

4.Delivery staff arrives and pick up the order

5.Delivery staff delivers the order at your location

6.Customer can provide ratings & reviews

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Reason to choose our Menulog clone script?

100% customizable

Purbis offers 100% customizable solutions according to your business needs. We are ready to provide end-to-end solutions for both single vendor or multiple vendor restaurant businesses. Contact us for a customizable solution.

Full source code

We provide a Menulog clone script with 100% source code. You have complete access to edit, rewrite or update the code from the back end. You have complete access to the Menulog clone application.

Readymade solution

Looking for a readymade solution like Menulog? Then yes you are at the right place. Purbis offers a readymade Menulog clone script, with features similar to Menulog to instantly kick-start your ordering & delivery business.

Technical support

Purbis has highly skilled designers & developers to work on your projects. We offer continuous 3 months of free support and maintenance after the delivery of the project. We offer support via call, chat, mail, and skype.

White label platform

Looking for a white label solution? Purbis is ready to offer the Menulog clone script white label on apps and the web that is labeled with your brand name and logo. Ready to purchase a customized Menulog clone application?

App submission

Purbis has experienced designers and developers for free app submission in both Google play store and App store. We are ready to provide any kind of support to make your business run successfully. Contact our experts.

Some of our menulog clone script mobile app screens for your references

Menulog clone - Customer features

Multiple logins

Your customer is provided with multiple login options. They can log in via username and also by using different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Customer profile

In our Menulog clone app, your customer is provided with a separate customer profile. The profile page includes customer name, mail id, contact number, pic, etc.

Simple check out

Our Menulog clone script has a simple single-page checkout. The checkout page includes payment details, address, contact name, etc.

Search & filter

In our Menulog clone script, your customer can look for the menu or any other items via the search box and can filter the search to sort the list.


Your customer can look for different types of menus listed under categories such as Veg, Non-Veg, beverages, desserts, drinks, etc.


Our Menulog clone application has multiple categories. Your customer can look for categories and subcategories to find the menus.

Cancel order

Our Menulog clone application allows your customers to cancel the order anytime before the confirmation message is sent to the customers.

Order history

Your customers can view the list of order history from scratch. The order history includes order items, date, amount, etc.

Ratings & Reviews

Quick reviews and ratings can be provided to the menus of a specific restaurant. These reviews are viewable by other customers in our Menulog clone script.

Menulog clone - Service provider features

  • Vendor login

    Single or multiple vendors can sign up and log in via the Menulog clone web application. Your vendors can log in via social media channels as well.

  • Manage order

    Our Menulog clone application, allows your vendor to effortlessly manage the customer order request via message notification.

  • Manage customers

    Any number of customers can be managed and their data are maintained in the Menulog clone vendor back end panel.

  • Manage menu

    Multiple menus with major ingredients are managed here. These menus can be updated by the vendor from the backend panel.

  • Update items

    Your vendor can update order items from the Menulog clone backend panel. The update includes image, description, title, price, etc.

  • Manage category

    Your vendor can update categories and subcategories. They can instantly add a category list or remove categories from the Menulog clone backend panel.

  • Generate invoice

    A quick invoice can be generated by the vendor and can be sent to the customer via the Menulog clone application.

  • Reports

    Vendors can generate their sales reports based on the customer order daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Menulog clone - Admin features

Robust dashboard

The Menulog clone application is provided with a robust dashboard to manage the complete ordering and delivery of the food online.

Manage payment

Admin can have complete access to manage the payment and keep track of the customers' payments via the Menulog clone application.

Manage vendors

You can keep track of vendors and manage their lists from the Menulog clone admin backend panel. Looking for a customized solution? Contact us.

Manage customers

Admin has complete access to track customer records. A quick newsletter can be sent to customers via the Menulog clone application.

Manage menu

In our Menulog clone application, the admin can manage the menu list. Admin has access to update the menu details with ingredients from the Menulog clone backend.

Manage reviews

The customer's ratings and reviews can either be enabled or disabled by the admin. The reviews are managed from the Menulog clone backend panel.

Generate report

A quick report can be generated by the admin on a real-time basis based on the customer's order request, vendor sales, etc.

Manage taxes

Our Menulog clone application has an inbuilt tax management feature to manage the overall tax yearly. Helps to keep track of financial records.

Manage commission

Admin receives a commission on each customer order. These commission details are updated here on the Menulog clone backend panel.

Menulog clone - Delivery staff features

  • Logging in is simple.

    Our menulog clone's delivery employees can log in to the application using their email addresses or social media profiles.

  • Order management

    The menulog clone app allows delivery employees to handle and maintain order requests in a uniform manner.

  • Toggle the availability.

    For the drivers, our menulog clone has on/off availability toggle settings, allowing them to choose convenient working hours.

  • Access to the best routes.

    Our menulog clone has a route optimization tool that assists in determining the quickest path for delivering food.

  • Reviews/ratings.

    In the menulog clone, customers can rate and comment on the service of delivery agents.

  • Earning reports

    Delivery staff executives can be viewable of their earning details and total deliveries by monthly/weekly wise.

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