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Over the last decades, online floral ordering & delivery app that increase sale & profits. Purbis is the only independent provider of online delivery software for the retail florist that works on both mobile & web platform. The retailer can gain benefit through an own app, you can imagine your online business with greater visibility. Our app can help your floral shop be more beneficial and cost – effective. We pride ourselves on frequent customer support, powerful and affordable prices but very easy to use our app that any customer can use. Try our App!


Superiority of using online floral ordering & delivery app

Benefits of this app

Benefits of this app

Your customer can save money, safe & secure and they can access from anywhere at anytime. The customer can view entire product catalog and they can compare with the specific brand.

Everything is Unlimited

Everything is unlimited

You can sell the unlimited type of product in your own online store. Your customer can buy everything they want by our app and also automatically calculate the cost of a delivery wholesale flower.

Overmuch Choices

Overmuch choices

Your customer can request you to deliver some specific flower option. There is different types of flower are available in the online store when compare with the traditional shop.

Comfortable Shopping

Comfortable shopping

The customer can decide to shop flower from your app. They can choose their flower they want, leave address and details for delivery and the rest of the thing will do by your delivery staff this make your customer feel comfortable.

Best Prices for your Flower

Best prices for your flower

Advisable to go for online flower ordering to get the best value for money. You can offer inexpensive, quality, well-designed flowers at affordable prices.

Always Open & Available

Always open & available

There is no time restriction for online floral ordering & delivery system your customer can order their favorite flower anytime at anywhere when compared with the traditional floral shop.

We just built our software for increasing flower shop sale

  • Our software has many unique features to grow your business online.
  • We are passionate about promoting and supporting local florist ordering to national ordering.
  • By your own software, you can attract overseas customer also.
  • Customize your online store and manage unlimited products in our app
  • Fulfill your customer orders in single step & you can track your sales and growth.
  • You can impress your customers with beautiful and secure online store by our app.

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