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Pizza delivery software

Are you looking for a splendid online pizza ordering & delivery system with software?

Online pizza ordering & delivery system

Stop losing your customers and earn profit to your business.

Purbis provides online pizza ordering and delivery system, which can seamlessly integrate into the system. We have a ready-made online pizza ordering and delivery software, which is provided on the both web and mobile platform. The main objective of developing this is to take pizza orders online, which is applicable for both single and multiple pizza vendors. The application is provided with web backend for admin and the pizza owner. The mobile app for customers and the delivery staff.

Who can buy this pizza ordering & delivery software?

1. Who owns pizza shop and wants to run his business successfully

2. Any entrepreneur who wants to do business by adding multiple pizza vendors & earn commission from each vendor.

pizza ordering system

Remarkable feature for online pizza delivery system

Half & half

This "half and half" feature is one of the unique feature provided for your customers. Allowing your customer to choose any of the 2 types of pizza, which are combined pizza as 1. That is one half of the pizza with different type and another half as different. So that your customer can taste 2 different types on 1 single order.

Variant type

A variant type is such an intuitive feature in the online pizza ordering system. That enables a customer to place the order based on the size quantity. Here the variant type comes with 3 options such as small/medium/large. Allowing the customer to select one of those variant types.


Our online pizza ordering software provides one of the best features for food lovers. This "sub-course" is one such feature that allows your customer to increase or decrease the level of ingredient/topping in the menu. This level of adjusting ingredient as per customers choice is known as subcourse.

Combo type

This combo type feature helps to increase the conversion rate and generate more sales. The customer always expects a combo package deal everywhere. Our online pizza ordering system also provides such combo features. This feature intent your customer to purchase multiple items which comes under single combo at reducing cost.


Our online pizza ordering system provides another feature for food lovers. where Admin provides an option in the backend for the customer to modify the existing ingredient by placing a substitute ingredient for it.

Ingredient type

This online pizza ordering system has multiple attractive features which help in boosting up the business revenue. Admin can add unlimited ingredient types from Admin back end panel. Those ingredient types are displayed on the front end for customers.

Manage categories

Pizza owner can effectively manage the categories and sub-categories. You can add unlimited categories too. It helps you to show your items in different category.

Ingredient group

Purbis provides a hassle-free solution for admin, that helps to maximize the online pizza business. Ingredient group is a module in admin back end panel, where admin can create multiple ingredient groups. By combo mapping ingredient type and group name, the ingredient group is created.


Complete insight report can be tracked from our online pizza ordering system such as order per hour or day or month, most selling branch can be sorted out. The report can be downloaded.

Item mapping

Item mapping is one of the modules which is displayed under the Item menu in Admin back end panel. This feature helps in providing a combined option for a customer in the front-end such as mapping ingredient group and item name together is known as Item mapping.

Unique features of our online pizza ordering system

Our pizza delivery software allows you to earn million dollar business

  • Split-in-half pizza

    Your customers are provided with options to split in half pizza of their choice in our online pizza delivery software.

  • Toppings categories

    Customer can choose their own toppings according to their taste.

  • Add or remove ingredients

    Any of the ingredients can be added or removed as per customer choice

  • Final order update

    Automatically final order price will get displaced in our pizza delivery software

pizza ordering & management software

User management roles of pizza ordering system

pizza ordering system for admin

Admin control panel

The Admin gets notified with customer new order status in web backend. Our application provides admin, an user-friendly interface to manage the complete pizza ordering system.

pizza delivery app

Delivery staff

The Admin assigns customer's new pizza orders to the available delivery staff. The delivery staff receives a notification regarding the order along with the customer information.

pizza ordering system for customer


The Customer can place pizza order from anywhere and can pay through online or cash on delivery. When the order has confirmed the process begins and the customer gets notified.

Feature rich system of our pizza ordering & delivery software

  • Admin login
  • Dashboard
  • Settings
  • Site info
  • SMTP info
  • SMTP inquires
  • Social media
  • Manage currency
  • Manage image resize
  • Manage banner
  • Manage admin
  • Manage roles
  • Manage access control
  • Manage FAQ
  • Manage vouchers
  • Manage address
  • Manage category
  • Manage ingredients
  • Manage vendors
  • Manage ads
  • Manage customers
  • CMS page
  • Activity log
  • General settings
  • Login
  • Track location
  • Assigned order
  • Customer ratings
  • Set status of item
  • Status of delivery boy
  • Sign up/ Login
  • My orders
  • Check out
  • Payment option
  • Discount
  • Delivery time
  • Rating & review option
  • Profile settings
  • Choose restaurant based on location

How will you be benefited with our pizza ordering system?

souce code

100% source code

We provide the app with 100% source code also you can get it customized to tailor your needs.


Set up & support

Once the product is launched, we provide up to 3 months of free technical support.



You can get your design and features customizable according to your business needs.

brand name

App in your brand name

Your app, your customers, your business. Now you get your app in your own brand name and logo

credit card

One time payment

Pay once for the product and it's yours. No need to pay month to month as subscription basis

Readymade pizza ordering software

Readymade solution

We have a ready-made software build for pizza ordering and delivery.


Scalable & reliable

Our application is built with having the customer in mind providing the scalable and reliable solution.

Multiple vendors pizza ordering system

Single / Multiple vendors

We provide online ordering system for both single and multiple vendors suitable for any on-demand service.

Coupon code

Coupon code

We have inbuilt coupon code feature, which increases the online pizza sales and customer retention.



Newsletters subscription can be enabled. Mass mailing can be managed by an email marketing tool of your choice.

Reward points

Reward points

Our online pizza ordering software system lets your customer earn reward points for buying the product and can redeem it.

Pizza ordering app for customer

Pizza delivery app for delivery staff

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