Manage orders and delivery on time with our Postmates clone script

Our Postmates clone script is suitable for food, grocery, cake, meat, laundry, medical, alcohol, etc.

Are you looking a food ordering app like Postmates clone?

Postmates clone script

Want to become the next delivery giant like Postmates? Purbis offers the complete end-to-end solution to kick launch your own on-demand food ordering and delivery business. Our Postmates clone script is powerful and fully integrated application highly suitable for any kind of business sectors such as food delivery, grocery ordering, alcohol delivery, water suppy, medicine delivery system, stationery ordering, pizza ordering and delivery, etc. We provide a complete end to end solution to kick start your business. Our ordering and delivery system features are similar to Postmates clone script. Our Postmates clone script helps to manage both single restaurant and multiple branch restaurant. The software application we provide, Postmates clone script support your business operations to deliver seamlessly and increase the delivery operation. We have readymade solution to fullfill your on demand business.

With Postmates clone script, you can start your own on-demand food ordering and delivery business. We have excellent inbuilt features. With the help of the Postmates clone application, your customers can place order online and deliver the order within the city. You can expand your business operation arocss controunies with our Postmates clone script. New features or functionality can be integrated according to your business needs. Get the Postmates clone script customized anytime. We provide attractive features, that are more reliable and better tham other competitor. Contact us for customized Postmates clone script.


Backend - Web app

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Frontend - Web & Mobile app

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Delivery staff

Mobile app

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Backend - Web & Mobile app

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Why Choose Purbis for Postmates clone app?

  • Skilled developers

    Purbis has highly skilled designers and developers to work on your Postmates clone project.

  • Reliable solution

    Our Postmates clone provides a reliable solution to manage your ordering & delivery process.

  • Highly scalable solution

    Our Postmates clone script offers a highly scalable and secured solution for your online business.

  • Latest technology

    We use the latest tools and technology for improving the performance of the Postmates clone app.

  • Map view

    Attract your customer with list of available vendor on map view location pinned.

  • 100% ownership

    As you own the source code, you have complete access over the Postmates clone product.

Key benefits of our Postmate clone app

Installation & support

Purbis has an excellent team to set up installation and support. We are ready to install the Postmates clone script at your sever at free of cost. We provide continuous 3 months free support after the delivery of the Postmates clone project.

100% source code

Purbis is ready to offer the complete source code of the Postmates clone project. There by you can have the complete access to the project on upgrading the features and functionality according to your business needs.Get access anytime to source code.

Mobile Apps

Our main aim is to maximise your mobile ROI. Puris offer the Postmates clone application supporting on mobile app (Android and iOS) device. The Postmates clone script is compatible on all devices. Get in touch for live Postmates clone script demo.

Multi-lingual support

Want to become the next delivery giant like Postmates? Our Postmates clone script supports multiple language and currencies. Admin had complete access to the change the currency and language settings from admin back end panel.

Multiple payment options

Purbis offers easy payments with multiple options like paypal, debit, credit and net banking. Let your customers order food and pat through any mode of payment within the Postmates clone app. Contact us readymade Postmates clone script.

Readymade solution

Looking for a readymade solution to launch your on demand delivery business? Our Postmates clone script offers instant solution to kick start your any kind of on demand ordering and deliverry business. Our app includes admin, vendor, customer and an delivery app.

Purpose of using Postmates clone app

  • Increase
    Increase your product sale online
  • Investment
    Improve ad investment
  • commission
    Vendor earns commission

You can discuss here more about the revenue methods with our experts now.

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Our Postmates clone script Features that serve best for your customers

Instant login

Let your customer instantly login into Postmates clone app with mail id & phone number.

User profile

Entitle your customer to configure profile with name, mail id, phone number, etc.


Your customer receives an instant notification on any order confirmations and offers.

Reviews & ratings

Our Postmates clone script, allows your customers to provide ratings and reviews.

Advance search

Your customer is provided with advanced smart search feature in Postmates clone app.


Your customers can mark favorite products and items in our Postmates clone script.

Order history

Your customers can access the entire list of previously ordered products in Postmates clone.

Filter / sort option

Customers can use the filter or sort option to simplify the search in the Postmates clone.


Features you find in our delivery app - Postmates clone


Easy signup

In our Postmates clone, delivery staff is provided with intuitive delivery app with easy login.

Accept / reject request

Your delivery agent can either accept or reject the customer order request in Postmates app.


In our Postmates clone script, the delivery staff can switch their availability either online or offline.

Past orders

Your delivery staff can look at the complete order history they have served over time.

Order summary

The delivery staff can verify the customer orders with the complete details in the Postmates clone.

Assigned job

The assigned jobs can be viewed under this section in the Postmates clone delivery app.

Live chat

Our delivery staff is provided with in-app chat features to get in touch with the respective person.

Route optimization

Our delivery app is provided with app navigation to deliver the parcel in the shortest route.

Features you find in our vendor panel - Postmates clone

Push notification

The vendor receives push notifications on every customer’s order and cancellation request.

Manage customers

With customer data, vendors can send mails on new deals, offers, new menus, etc.

Manager delivery staff

Vendors can manage the delivery staff either manually or automated based on availability.

Manage categories

In our Postamtes clone script, the vendor can any add multiple categories and subcategories.


Add Menus

The vendor can update the menu with image, title, text, ingredients, price, quality, and preparation time.

Advanced report

Vendors can maintain the report based on sales, order, customer, and delivery performance.

Payment management

Vendor can either activate or deactivate the payment method available based on customer.

Web order

Orders placed by the customers are managed here and delivered to the customers.

Features you find in our Admin panel - Postmates clone

Master dashboard

Admin has the complete wall-to-wall view over entire ordering and delivery process in Postmates clone.

Push notification

Push notification is received to the admin on order requests in our Postmates clone script.

Manage customers

Admin can easily manage the customer’s data from the admin backend panel.

Manage vendors

Multiple vendors can be managed with ease from the admin backend panel.

Manager delivery staff

Admin can either set a manual or automated delivery system for the delivery process.

General settings

Setting includes SMTP, contact settings, enable or disable options, and currency setting.

Manage products

The admin can any add / remove / modify any number of product in Postmates clone script.

Advance report

Admin can generate the customer report, sales report either weekly or monthly.


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