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Purbis offers an instant solution for your online food ordering and delivery business. Launch your own business with our UberEats clone script. Get customized end-to-end solutions with our UberEats clone app.

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UberEats clone script for your food delivery business

Purbis offers a readymade fully functional UberEats clone script for your online food ordering and delivery business. You can easily launch your own single or multiple restaurant food delivery businesses in no time. Our UberEats clone script is highly customizable and you can easily integrate your food business with the UberEats clone app platform. We offer UberEats clone script supporting on web and mobile platforms (Android & iOS) with complete technical support for instant delivery service.

The UberEats script application provides all modern features that bind up your customers and overall provide a competitive solution for your on-demand food ordering and delivery business. Our UberEats cone script comprises modules such as admin, vendors, customers, and the delivery app. Our application software is designed to provide you with a streamlined business flow to simplify the ordering and delivery process. Our UberEats clone script focuses on providing a user-friendly experience for your customers. Purbis has highly skilled developers, who are work on your UberEats clone application from scratch according to your business.

UberEats clone script for your food delivery business

Our UberEats clone script is suitable for any type of business. We offer solutions for both single or multi-vendor restaurant ordering and delivery systems. Single restaurant businesses offer simple inventory models to optimize business operations. The aggregator model provides ideal options for the new restaurants.


In our UberEats clone script, the admin is provided with a web back-end panel. Admin can easily monitor, track and manage the complete ordering and delivery process.

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Our restaurant panel is provided with order receiving application supporting on the web platform. Instant customers orders are notified for restaurant owners as well.

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Our UberEats clone script provides a user-friendly experience for your customers to order food online. Your customers can order food either on the web or mobile platforms.

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Delivery app

The delivery staff is provided with a delivery app (Android/iOS). Allowing your delivery staff to manage their deliveries via the UberEats clone application.

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Our UberEats clone script Features that serves best for your customers

  • Simple login

    Your customers can easily register and login into the UberEats clone application. Also, they can log in via social media platforms as well.

  • Online wallet

    Our UberEats clone script has an online wallet feature for easy payment. Your customers can top-up wallet via net banking. A flawless payment method for your customers.

  • Notification

    A quick notification is sent to the admin as well as a restaurant owner on customer order requests. Both email and message notification is sent to the customers.

  • Reviews & ratings

    Our UberEats clone script, allows your customers to offer ratings and reviews based on the quality of the food and overall delivery experience.

  • Smart search

    Your customers can look for any menus or nearby restaurants in the UberEats clone application. Our application is provided with an auto-smart search feature.

  • Manage customers

    Admin can easily manage the customer’s data from the admin backend panel in our UberEats clone app. An offer mail or notification can be sent to the customers.

  • Manage vendors

    Each vendor is provided with a separate business page. Multiple vendors can be easily managed from the admin backend panel in our UberEats clone script.

  • Manager delivery staff

    Admin can either set a manual or automated delivery system. Vendor assigned delivery order to the delivery staff. They can either accept or reject the order request.

  • Favorites

    Your customers can mark favorite cuisines and restaurants in our UberEats clone script. So that they can quickly order their favorites food next time.

  • General settings

    The general setting page includes SMTP, contact settings, enable or disable options, currency setting, language setting, etc in our UberEats clone.

  • Manage categories

    In our UberEats clone script, the admin can any number of categories and subcategories from the admin backend panel.

  • Menus

    Your customers can access a list of menu available in the restaurant along with the category. Our UberEats clone allows customers to order menus based on their choice.

  • Filter / sort option

    Your customers can search for the specific menus based on any conditions. They can use the filter or sort option to simplify the search in the UberEats clone app.

  • Cancel orders

    In our UberEats clone script, your customer can cancel the order request any time before the order confirmation message is sent to the customers.

  • Banner images

    To attract customers and let know them about the offers, new banner images can be updated by the restaurant owner.

  • Smart analytics

    In our UberEats clone script, the admin is provided with complete details to track the customer’s behavior on the website portal.

  • Accept / reject request

    The delivery staff can either accept or reject the customer order request from the delivery app in our UberEats clone script application.

  • Verified customers

    Our UberEats clone script allows only verified/trusted customers to provide ratings and reviews on the UberEats application.

  • Custom notes

    The restaurant owner can send quick custom notes to the delivery staff in case of any emergency message to be conveyed.

  • Advance report

    Admin can maintain the order report, customer reports, vendor reports, and delivery staff report on a weekly / monthly basis.

  • Refer and earn

    Our UberEats clone script encourages your customers to refer to the app and earn points or amazing offers for the next order.

Why Choose Purbis for UberEats clone script?

Installation & support

We install our UberEats clone script to your server free of cost. Also, we are ready to provide continuous 3 months of support and maintenance after the delivery of the project. We offer high high-quality bug-free UberEats clone application for your business.

100% source code

Purbis offers 100% source code of UberEats clone script. You have complete access to edit and update the source code according to your business needs, so that you can include new features anytime from the admin backend panel to your UberEats clone script

Mobile Apps

Purbis has highly skilled developers, to develop the application from scratch in Android & iOS mobile app. Our UberEats clone script offers a compatible service to make the presence in all devices. Contact us for the customizable UberEats mobile app.

Multiple language & currency

Our UberEats clone script supports the on-demand food ordering and delivery application in multiple languages and currencies. Allowing your customers to easily order without any hindrance. Run your on-demand business globally.

Multiple payment options

In our UberEats clone script, allows your customers to pay through a wide range of payment options such as credit, debit card, net banking, cash on delivery. Let your customer order food and pay through the mode of payment.

Readymade solution

Looking for a readymade solution for your on-demand ordering and delivery business? Purbis offers an UberEats clone script to instantly launch your own on-demand food ordering business. Our application is suitable for any business sector.

Highly customizable

The UberEats clone script is highly customizable, we are ready to provide customized solutions according to your business needs. Any new features can be included any time from the admin back-end panel of your UberEats clone application.

Live track

In our UberEats clone script, the admin, vendor, and the customers can track the customer order with geo-location details. Your customers get to know the status such as the order is dispatched/ shipped / out for delivery.

Customer mobile apps like UberEats clone

Purpose of using UberEats clone app

  • Increase
    Increase your product sale online
  • Investment
    Improve ad investment
  • commission
    Vendor earns commission

You can discuss here more about the revenue methods with our experts now.

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Features of UberEats Clone Script For Users

  • Easy registration

    In our ubereats clone script, the customer can register easily by using their social media credentials

  • Search restaurants

    Our ubereats clone helps user to surf the nearby restaurants from their location and can place the order easily

  • Delivery confirmation

    Customer can check for the delivery confirmation with the help of the app tracker enabled in our Ubereats clone script

  • Choose the delivery method

    Using our ubereats clone customer can choose the delivery method either pickup/delivery accordingly

  • Multi payment options

    Our ubereats clone have various payment methods, so the user can choose their convenient payment mode for the transaction

  • Order history

    Keep a record of your transactions and previous orders history using our ubereats clone script

  • Track delivery

    You customers can track their delivery status anytime and anywhere with ease in the ubereats clone

  • Ratings and reviews

    Customer can provide their ratings and feedbacks easily about the restaurant, drivers and your app functions

Features of UberEats Clone Script For Admin


Admin monitors the ongoing activities and status with help of Ubereats clone significantly

Manage vendors

Our ubereats clone can help to manage all the restaurant vendor by the admin in a secured manner

Manage customers

Admin can only manage the all customers informations in a single portal with our ubereats clone.

Promo setup

Promo for all or single items are set forth by the admin in the UberEats clone script

Manage payments

Our ubereats clone helps to manage every payment transaction and payment method in a secured manner.

Manage drivers

Admin/vendors can manage their drivers and assigning the orders to nearby delivery agents

Manage reviews

Admin can manage all reviews and rating that provided by customers with help of our Ubereats clone

Reports and stats

Get revenue and income data and detailed stats reports for the time periods you specify

Features of UberEats Clone Script For Drivers

  • Easy login

    The delivery staff can login to the app by using the email ID or social media accounts in our Ubereats clone

  • Manage orders

    Delivery staff can manage and maintains the order request in a consistent manner in the ubereats clone app

  • Availability toggle

    Our ubereats clone have on/off availability toggle options for the drivers, they can choose convenient working hours

  • Raise a dispute

    Using our ubereats clone the delivery staff can raise a dispute for any assistance needed from the team

  • Geo location

    The delivery staff finds the location of the customer by using the geolocation service in our ubereats clone script

  • Track pickup location

    In our ubereats clone delivery staff can track the pickup location via the navigator app and reach the location

  • Access optimal routes

    Our ubereats clone have a route optimization feature that help to find the fastest route to delivered the foods

  • Ratings and feedback

    Customer can provide ratings and feedback about the service of delivery agents in the ubereats clone

Features of UberEats Clone Script For Vendors

Easy profile setup

Vendors can easily set their account and profile, restaurant bio details with help of social media platforms

Availability mode

Vendors can choose their restaurants running and availability time with a simple status in the ubereats clone

Manage menu

Using our ubereats clone the vendors can manage and customize their menu according to their restaurants style

Manage orders

Orders such as delivered, cancelled, rejected, in progress etc are managed significantly in our ubereats clone


Restaurant vendor can provide special coupons offers and deals for their customers with help of our Ubereats clone

Manage categories

Our ubereats clone have all the categories, sub-categories etc are managed by the manager without disruptions

Manage inventory

Inventory is managed by integrating the third party tools into the Ubereats clone app

Alert notifications

Restaurant receives alert notifications when the customer place an order from their end

Our UberEats clone script is suitable for any business

Our readymade UberEats clone script is suitable for any business sector, which includes a demand ordering and delivery process. Our UberEats clone script fits your business size, type, and customers needs.

Food ordering

Our UberEats clone supports any restaurant food ordering and delivery business.

Medicine delivery

Let your customers can order their medicine online with our UberEats clone app.

Grocery delivery

Looking for a perfect application for your grocery ordering and delivery business? Contact us.

Alcohol delivery

Want to deliver alcohol to their customer’s place? Check our UberEats clone features.

Pizza delivery

We have a ready-made highly customizable pizza delivery application for your business.

Parcel delivery

We offer a customized online on-demand parcel ordering and delivery software system.

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