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“From Vancouver to Auckland, Zomato is used by millions every day to decide where to eat in over 10,000 cities across 24 countries. In a few years, we should be able to help point you to a great place to eat no matter what part of the world you're in.”

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Purbis provides a readymade online food ordering and delivery application with web, Android & iOS platform. Enabling you to commence your own food ordering business similar to Zomato. This online food ordering business like Zomato, FoodPanda, JustEat are rapidly increasing trend in the global food industry. Our Zomato clone script is fully loaded with the high-end features, serving your website a strong based platform to serve customers with a world-class platform. We also provide a customized solution for your online food ordering business. Our Zomato clone application is provided with


Backend - Web app

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Frontend - Web & Mobile app

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Delivery staff

Mobile app

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Backend - Web app & Mobile app

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100% source code

100% source code

Free installation & set up

Free installation & set up

One time payment

One time payment

Multiple languages (RTL, LTR)

Multiple languages (RTL, LTR)



End to end support

End to end support

Security & reliability

Security & reliability

App in your brand name

App in your brand name

With the same above major features, Purbis provides Zomato clone app. Allowing your customers to check a restaurant that goes hand in hand with their requirement. We are ready to provide you with a lot more features beyond Zomato too. The on-demand food ordering and delivery application we provide is exactly what your customer is looking for

How does our Zomato clone script work?

Zomato clone

1. Find the nearest restaurant based on the location

2.Browse Menus, Add to cart, Checkout & Pay online or COD

3.Delivery staff get notified

4.Delivery staff arrives and pick up the order

5.Delivery staff delivers the order at your location

6.Customer can provide ratings & reviews

Zomato clone features which we implemented


Zomato clone script has wallet features, which allows your customer to pay with a mobile wallet. Customer Instantly transfers money through this feature.

Coupon code

Offers, coupon codes, discounts, and deals are the best way to attract customers. Coupon code for our online food ordering is a powerful way to increase the conversion rate.

Phone call order

Allowing customers to place an order through the phone call. Admin orders from backend on behalf of the customer’s order via phone call.

Activity log

Our Zomato clone script, allows admin to view the history of updates and activity log along with the sequentially ordered and displayed items.

SMS gateway integration

Admin can manage SMS gateway setting from admin backend by providing SMS gateway API key details.

Payment gateway integration

Our online food ordering system allows admin to manage payment gateway integration settings from backend by providing payment gateway API key.

Dynamic app setting

Admin can now easily manage time zone, currency, mail id, contact address, contact number, banner images, other images through dynamic app settings.

Currency management

Our on-demand food ordering script supports multiple currencies. Allowing to do business internationally from anywhere.

Split payment gateway integration

Our Zomato clone script has unique features. Allowing your customers to make payment in two or more split payments, which is done using Stripe.

Admin live tracking

Admin can easily keep track of delivery agent, customer status update anytime from anywhere. Provided with centralized management of a business.

Customer live tracking

Now your customer can track the status of the food order by viewing the live tracking. Keep your customers updated on the status of the order by real time.

Graphical report

Complete statistical report on the customer ordered items can be tracked daily, weekly or monthly basis. Based on this report better decision making can be done.

Customer mobile app screens of our online food ordering system

Features of Customers Application - Web and Mobile Apps

We have provided customized and user-friendly features for your fortune customers.

  • Login to the app - The customers can easily login to the app by using their email ID or google accounts, facebook or twitter account.
  • Surf for nearby restaurantsThe customers can check for the nearby available restaurants and can order their favourite food from that respective restaurant.
  • Add to cart - The user can select their favourite food and can also edit the quantity accordingly and then add it to their cart.
  • Pickup and destination - The customers can manually enter their pickup or delivery location in the search bar and can point out their location on the map.
  • Payment method - We do offer multiple payment methods like COD, Credit / Debit card, UPI payment etc. Customers can choose their mode of payment according to their convenience.
  • Customer reviews - The customers can also update their reviews on the delivery service provided, the product taste , quality and how they like it etc.
Food Ordering Script

Features of Admin Panel - Web Application

Admin panel controls the complete business operations and also maintains the absolute report and reviews of the multiple restaurants.

  • Dashboard - The Admin manages all the activities taking place in the application in the dashboard.
  • Manage customers - The admin maintains and manages the customer details in a secured way.
  • Manage restaurants - The admin maintains all the restaurants signed up with this app.
  • Categories management - Admin manages the categories, products / items and also the ingredients in an effective way.
  • Promo codes - The admin offers promo codes and discounts for the customers who use the app frequently to order the food.
  • Secured payment - Admin maintains the payment details done by each customer and restaurants in a safe and secured manner.
  • Manage delivery representatives - The admin can manage the details of the delivery representatives effectively.
  • CMS and activity log - The back-end CMS helps you to handle all online orders and also can monitor all activities on your website.
Admin back end for Food Ordering Script

Features of Restaurant Vendor Application - Web and Mobile Apps

Our application enables the restaurants to effectively manage and analyze their sales, execute orders, manage offers and respond quickly to the customers.

  • Manage products - The available items list can be maintained by using the store application and the store panel.
  • Add / Remove the items - The vendor can add or remove the items from the online store app accordingly.
  • Accept or neglect the order - Once the customer places an order, the restaurant will receive an incoming order request. The restaurant can either accept or reject the order from their end.
  • Categories and subcategories - The vendor can add or remove multiple items categories to enhance the items varieties of the items.
  • Set popular items - Vendors can provide their stores special items as their popular item and promote it.
  • Delivery provider - The vendor maintains the delivery provider details in a safe and secured way.
  • The customer can earn reward points for buying the products and can redeem it as real currency to their virtual wallet.
Restaurant back end Food Ordering Script

Features of Driver Application - Mobile Apps

Our application permits the delivery representative to control the status and order delivery & profile details and navigate to restaurant/customer’s location.

Grocery management software for shop owners
  • Login to the app - The delivery representatives can easily login to the app by using their email ID or mobile number.
  • Profile setup - Once after logging in, the delivery rep can set their profile details by providing the email ID, phone number, & address.
  • Order request - The delivery rep gets a notification as soon as their shift starts. They can accept or reject the incoming delivery request according to their convenience.
  • Geo location - Drivers can find their customers route directions that help drivers to plan the route on their destination.
  • Order delivery - The delivery staff drives to the restaurant and picks up the order from the restaurant once it is ready and then delivers it to the respective customer’s location.
  • Feedback - Once the customer gets their order in hand, they upload their feedback about the service. Which intake is an additional reward to the delivery representative.